MUSHROOM MATCHA MIX - 100% Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea with Lion's Mane Mushrooms - A smooth beverage with a deep green tea flavor.


FOCUS & THINK - Lion's mane mushroom extract/powder supports cognitive function. Helps with memory and concentration. Promotes positive moods and creativity*


LION'S MANE MUSHROOM EXTRACT - Recognized for their cognitive enhancing properties, these delicious and beautiful mushrooms have been used for hundreds of years. Our lion’s mane mushroom extract is made by extracting the wood-grown fruiting bodies, and then spray-drying the concentrate. Free from fillers and carriers.


Experiment and customize your perfect cup! Whisk 1 teaspoon (2g) into a cup (6 OZ.) of hot water until a fine foam appears. Adjust to taste and enjoy.

Enjoy this high- quality instant mushroom matcha green tea product, it will exceed any expectations you have for a Mushroom Matcha Green Tea.


Ingredients: ORGANIC MATCHA GREEN TEA POWDER, ORGANIC LION’S MANE EXTRACT, ORGANIC GINGER POWDER. 1,300 mg of matcha green tea per serving, 700 mg of mushroom extract powder per teaspoon (2 grams).

Organic Mushroom Matcha Green Tea Mix - Focus & Think with Lion's Mane Mushroom

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  • 37 Servings, 75 Grams

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